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Dr Light

How does it work?

3 types of high-quality LED lights are able to treat each different skin troubles, such as normal-skin, acne and even atopic dermatitis.

Dr. Light supports Red LED (415nm), blue LED (656nm), and infrared LED (830nm). The advantage of LED device is that it has no side-effect and able to do painless treatment on wider area such as face, neck and even scalp.












  1. 3D Structure
    • Three-dimensional structure can make LED light focusing best treatment efficacy.
    • Can be applied facial, neck and scalp.
  2. LED power control board
    • Each LED light can be controlled the light power from – to 4 level (total of 5 levels).
    • Combined Light therapy available.
    • Automatic saving function for the latest setting value.
  3. High quality LED
    • Applied 280 of high quality LED.
    • Applied 15 of LED panels.
    • Can be repaired for each LED panel.
  4. Portable size
    • Applied folding legs on the body