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Cosmetic Tattoo Sydney

For the ultimate and best Cosmetic Tattoo Sydney services in Australia, we work with a method that’s very precise and flawless.

We work by firstly carefully taking into account the client’s face proportion, client’s taste, and color of hair and skin. Our cosmetic tattoo specialists in Sydney will then draw out the shape of the tattoo which is crafted so cautiously to make out the best eyebrow results.

After producing the perfect tattoo style and you are pleased with the design, we will proceed to apply the tattoo as required.

microblading eyebrows tattoo

Once applied, know that it will appear solider and this is as a result of the immediate swelling and redness of the surface area that may occur. However, this will surely settle by the next day & in a space of a week – would have totally settled.

We don’t just apply this for you and forget it, as we provide follow up appointment to ensure the result comes out 100 percent perfect by applying touch up where needed.

Our cosmetic tattoo Sydney treatment is generally applied gently and we always consider several factors in the process which include; proper hygiene, advanced technique, and use of knowledge & good sense of application!

You should consider the best Cosmetic Tattoo Sydney services at Vogue Microblading if you have sparse, fine or light eyebrow and yet desire a more defined eyebrow shape.

This will help elegantly frame your facial look – making you appear more stunning!